We Bring ADR Directly to you!

ADR session in trailer

Got a star who works every day and can’t get away?  We’ll bring our mobile ADR stage to the set and put ADR just steps away from your talent.   When you’re shooting on location, think of the convenience of having a professional ADR studio in base camp so your talent doesn’t have to travel to a studio.

You know how they love to do ADR!  Make it painless! 

Collage of ADR on location

A Convenient and Painless Solution for ADR on Location!

Why waste your talent’s time going to a studio when all you need is a few lines that will take just minutes in our mobile ADR trailer.

Whether it’s in your talent’s driveway, on a studio lot, a remote location or on a noisy city street, you can be assured of superior audio recording quality.

Quality ADR Anywhere

Since 2008, Mobile Studio USA has completed ADR for numerous episodes of prime time TV series.  We deliver audio quality at very competitive prices that matches the best stages in Hollywood.  [click here to meet our clients]

An Easy Setup for ADR

ADR control roomBring us a hard drive with the video in Quicktime DV format and we’ll load it into ProTools.  Or send us the video via ftp.  We typically record with both a Sennheiser MKH 50 Shotgun and a Sanken COS-11 lavaliere.  Or we’ll match whatever mic production is using.

[click here for a complete list of specs]

How We Roll

Click below to see how Mobile Studio USA sets up for an on-location ADR session!

Video of ADR session

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